STOTA brand of sanitary ware designed from Australia. Since entering the market, STOTA has shown its vitality and creativity. With sophisticated design language, modern harmony creates harmony between the aesthetic and functional of the product. Reflect the simple lifestyle, comfort and fashion of the Australian people.
With a perfect design and quality innovation, STOTA always adheres to the rigorous process of creating quality products, pioneering | Lean forward to harmonize with the trend of the times. Maintaining our unique style, we provide our customers with the most quality bathroom space. When products are launched, they have gained widespread recognition and become one of the preferred hygiene brands in high-rise buildings, offices, apartments.

The company has won many titles: “International Famous Brand”. “Preferred brand of environmental protection” and other certificates. Also recognized as Water Mark in Australia
Sanitary ware, bathroom STOTA adheres to the criteria of “Quality and style of premium Australia”, committed to quality and provide high quality products to consumers. Foreseeing the trend of the times, STOTA set up a simple modern style, natural, comfortable, create luxury and enjoy life. Let the consumers feel the quality of the product with the criteria “style and love of Australia”. STOTA is constantly seeking for new, innovative ways to create quality products.
Looking to the future, STOTA sanitary ware brand wishes to cooperate with companies that create quality Australian products and work together to build beautiful buildings.